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Originally established in 2018, EEA Mediation & Consulting LLC is a Baltimore based Alternative Dispute Resolution Firm that specializes in conflict and dispute resolution. EEA Mediation & Consulting, LLC is a court rostered firm currently servicing Anne Arundel County, Baltimore City, and Baltimore County. EEA Mediation & Consulting LLC is a fee for a service company that provides mediation services, negotiation services, parent education, and training services. EEA Mediation & Consulting LLC is a Minority and Small Business Owned company.

Why Choose Us?

We are committed to helping all people. We believe that people can get past their differences. The primary goal of EEA Mediation & Consulting, LLC is to assist with resolving conflict while at the same time build and preserve relationships. EEA Mediation & Consulting, LLC would like to assist clients with an opportunity for unity and repair.
Problem-solving in the process is our focus. EEA Mediation & Consulting, LLC aims to become a preferred, reliable, and respected Dispute Resolution practice. We are a full service dispute resolution firm. It is our belief that EEA Mediation & Consulting, LLC is currently structured to directly impact and be a representation of the reflected client base we service. Our goal is to allow clients to resolve conflicts and or disputes that are cost-effective and expedient with respect to the process.

Services Offered

  • Business Mediation-Focuses on Business disputes between parties.

  • Criminal Mediation-Focuses generally on non-violent offenses where the parties can reach a successful resolution (peace order).

  • Discrimination Mediation-Allows the parties involved in a charge of discrimination the opportunity to resolve their issues without the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s involvement.

  • Employment Mediation-Focuses on labor-related issues and disputes typically involving employer and employees.

  • Neighborhood Mediation-Focuses on conflict, differences, and disagreements between parties that typically reside in the same community.

  • Family Mediation-focuses on conflict, disputes, and issues not limited to and including custody, parenting, visitation, divorce, and marital property.

  • Parent education- seminars are offered to parents when there is a conflict regarding custody/ and or visitation.

  • Negotiation- As a third party neutral, assist parties in the negotiating process while encouraging mutual collaboration, cooperation, and fairness.

  • Training- As an approved trainer by the Maryland Council for Dispute Resolution (MCDR) and the Maryland Program for Mediator Excellence (MPME), conducts 40-Hour Basic Mediation Training and 20-Hour Child Access Mediation Training.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Originally established in 2018, EEA Mediation & Consulting LLC is a Baltimore based Alternative Dispute Resolution Firm that specializes in conflict and dispute resolution.

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We believe when anxiety is the driving component and fear is playing a factor in a case that’s a bad recipe for mediation. Especially when the inferior spouse is being bullied by the superior spouse or the higher earner in the relationship.
I have completed over 100 LGBT cases and domestic partnerships. On a side note, the issues are equal. Most of the issues in some of these relationships often times are surrounded by custody and visitation of minor children.

In many of my cases, over 75% of the time the parties are representing themselves, and at the conclusion of mediation the parties will have the mediation or marital settlement agreement reviewed by an attorney prior to signing. I am pro attorney, so I welcome parties to engage independent counsel to help them navigate through the mediation process.  I have found in my experience that often times it is helpful to have legal assistance or the advice of counsel to get you through the process successfully and to ensure that you achieve the desired results.

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